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Welcome to the Brunswick County Central Permitting Data website. On this site you can look up information about tax parcels and their associated permits. Select from these menu items:
Parcels- Look up information about tax parcels within Brunswick County. You can search for a parcel or group of parcels by Parcel ID number, Owner, Address, Legal Description or Subdivision name.
Permits- Look up information about Zoning, Environmental Health, Building or Stormwater permits. You can search for a permit or group of permits by Permit Number, Owner, Applicant, Parcel ID number, Address or Subdivision name. For Building permits only, you can also search by Contractor name.
Inspections - With Inspections you may:
...Schedule an Inspection - Allows the holder of a valid building permit to schedule inspections.
...View Current Workday Schedule - Inspections scheduled for the current workday can be listed by Inspector.
...View Next Workday Schedule - Inspections scheduled for the next workday can be listed by Inspector.
...View Final Inspection/CO Report - A report of current Final Inspections completed/Certificates of Compliance issued may be viewed.
Municipal Requirements - View a list of the municipalities in Brunswick County with a summary of permitting requirements and responsibilities.
FAQs - Look here for useful information to help you get the most out of this website.
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