Home HyperLink Contact Info Management Review Respond to Items Review Existing Items New Action Item Action System Brunswick County Action System Last Update: 4/7/2009 9:20:44 AM by G. Laverick Welcome to the Brunswick County Action System. This system is provided to help you request information or assistance from County offices or suggest improvements to County facilities, procedures and policies. From this page, You may start a NEW ACTION ITEM by providing a subject and description along with the County department concerned (if known). If you want to be contacted in response, you will also need to leave contact information. An email address is best, but a phone number or mailing address will do. If you want to do an online review later, you will need to select a password and provide an email address. You may REVIEW EXISTING ITEMS submitted by you. You will need your email address and password. County Department representatives may Review action items applicable to their departments. County Department representatives may RESPOND TO ITEMS applicable to their departments. County MANAGEMENT personnel may REVIEW a summary of action items affecting specific or all departments. Department representatives may view the summary for their department only. Click on CONTACT INFO to learn about additional ways to contact County representatives.